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Ideas Understood. Problems Solved

Resolution Seminars currently offers presentations and seminars in these content areas:


  • Emotional Agency

  • Anger and Guilt

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Parenting

  • Building and Maintaining a Psychotherapy Practice

  • Influencing Clients Without Persuasion and Advice Giving

  • Establishing Appropriate Level of Care

  • Using and Interpreting Brief Assessments


In addition, we can design topics and presentations outside of these areas for more specialized users of our services.


The shortest answer to this question is we are motivated to reduce human suffering.


Based on our competencies, more specifically we want to:

  1. Help others better understand and utilize our emotions so that we feel better, function better and use our functional emotions for their intended purposes.

  2. Help the various providers in the mental health system influence their clients and patients more effectively.

  3. Help build and support measurement systems for mental health

  4. Help the different partners within the mental health system work with each other in a more coordinated and effective way.

Resolution Seminars currently offers seminars in-person seminars in the upper Midwest area and through virtual presentations in any other area. If you are interested in a specific topic, we can arrange a forum to meet your needs.

RS topics are designed to help different partners in the mental health field, including but not limited to providers.

RS works both through our self-sponsored seminars and by working with different groups and organizations that sponsor us.


Although we do not present on a regular schedule, please check our Seminars tab as we will post planned presentations as they are scheduled.


If you are a potential sponsor of our seminars, we can arrange a date that fits your schedule.

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